This single-family cottage home design can be built multiple times, and each time feel unique… just by choosing different exterior schemes. Cookie-cutter communities are a thing of the past. With Westlake Royal Building Products™ there are boundless options for creating one-of-a-kind homes in a multi-family community. Begin with durable Newpoint™ Concrete Roof Tile, then move down the sides with Versetta Stone® in Tight-Cut and Ledgestone styles. For attractive sidings, Foundry® and Royal® Estate™ selections are available. Then, add curb appeal with Mid-America® shutters and Royal Trim. And, don’t forget the homey outdoor living accents from Kindred®!

Featured Products

Foundry PVC vinyl shakes and shingles combine the warm character of wood with charm that goes on and on. Captivating as an accent or over an entire exterior.
Create a supremely inviting interior space with stone products that seamlessly integrate form, function and the comforts of home.
It takes real attention to detail to build shutters, trim and accessories that match every home architectural style and character trait to perfection.
This is concrete roof tile that boosts curb appeal and raises home values with its unmatched textural elegance, bold designs and superior durability.
Royal Vinyl Siding has the style, texture and color options to bring home every look imaginable, for virtually any budget.
With its mortarless, panelized design and handcrafted natural look, Versetta Stone installs like siding and looks like nothing else.

Design Inspiration

Let colors and textures guide you to find the design scheme that works best for your client on this often-repeated design. Personalize this home with unique color accents on the shutters and siding. Or, let the impressive stone textures set the stage for a stand-out surface that draws rave reviews.